Hide Your Iron Table Like a Boss

Hello Everyone, i'm Josefine. Today i'm gonna share an inspiring home decoration for your lovely dwelling to look catchy everyday.

As we know, the iron table is an element that we can not miss in any home and yet is also one of the most hated. We spent the day by removing and saving the table, even if you have a day a week for the iron always arise special occasions in which want you to put this or that and turned the table to clog! In the middle of the kitchen, or in the middle of the bedroom. If you also want to hide the iron table ideas we share, today will interest you.

An interesting option is to integrate the table into a dressing room or kitchen drawer. There are mechanisms that adapt to measures standard crates, cheap, and easy to place.

I also know folding wall models that you can integrate in a cabinet of shallow, like this one.

And to completed your home decorating ideas about iron table hope this help your problem:

Now, we just need to find the perfect place to install the table, in my opinion an ideal location is close to the washing area or near the Cabinet area. I hope you get inspired!

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